JavaScript Pros is looking to hire!


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Hey there!

JavaScript Pros is looking to hire JavaScript software engineers with a passion for writing. We're looking for one entry-level and one mid-to-senior level engineer, to start. So all skill-ranges are welcome!

You will be contracted to write articles on the JavaScript Pros Homepage. A per-article price can be discussed.

Feel free to message me with the following:
Note: None of these are mandatory, but all of them help paint a better picture for each candidate:
  • Links to the following
    • Social media accounts
    • Any articles you've written in the past
    • GitHub account
    • Websites you frequent, that are similar to JSP
  • Examples of the types of articles you'd like to write
  • Examples of articles you've read and enjoyed recently
  • Best email to contact you
  • Rough estimate of a $ rate (per article, preferred)

Happy hacking!
- JSP Staff

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